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Song Exporter Pro - Questions and Answers

1) How do I use it?

Here is a quick step-by-step description:

1) Load the app and tap the middle button (the one with the music note). A list of all songs available in your device will appear.

2) Select the songs you would like to export and tap the "Done" button (or "OK" button, if your device is not in English). You can select all songs by choosing "Add All Songs" (you may have to scroll down the song list to make this option appear; it is located before the first song name).

3) After a few moments, the songs you selected will be indexed and will become available for sharing. If this is not the first time you are doing this operation, the new list of selected songs will replace the previous list.

4) Look at the app screen for the web address (URL) where your songs will be available. This web address will be something like . This web address uses the current internal IP address of your device within your network.

5) Type the web address exactly as you see in the app screen into the address bar/URL bar of your computer's web browser, in the same way as you would enter any web address, like, for instance, Your computer needs to be connected to the same network that your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to (it can be a notebook connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or a computer connected through a network cable to the same network router your device is connected to wirelessly).

6) Your web browser should present a web page that was generated by the app in your iPhone/iPod/iPad. This page will present a list with the songs you have selected for sharing. To transfer a song to your computer, you can right-click it (or Control + click, if you are using a Mac) and select a menu option like "Save Link As", or "Download Linked File", depending on your web browser type. If you left-click the song, your browser will start playing it.

2) How can I remove the songs from the list of shared songs (or clear the list) ?

The app does not provide a way to select songs to be removed from the list, or clear the list. However, it is likely not necessary to do it.

If you want to replace the song list with other songs, just press the big button with the music note within the app and select new songs. The new songs will replace the current song list, i.e., the old ones will be automatically cleared before the new ones are added.

On the other hand, if you just want to stop sharing the songs, there is no need to delete anything from the list. You just need to close the app by pressing the home button on your device. The app does not operate in multitasking mode, so when you close it, it will be terminated and nothing will remain shared (until you open it again).

3) How can I transfer a large number of songs from my device to my computer (like, for instance, all the songs in my device), instead of downloading one by one?

First you need to make all these songs available through the web interface, by selecting them within the app, like described in the answer to the first question. Likely, you would select the "Add All Songs" option.

Then, in order to download all songs to your computer, you can proceed in the same way as you would proceed to download a large number of files from any web site. The main ways to do it are the following:

- If you use the Firefox browser, you can install the free Firefox add-on DownThemAll, which allows you to download every file inside a given page. You can install it in Firefox by selecting the Tools->Add Ons menu option. Then open the web page with your songs and use Tools->DownThemAll Tools->DownThemAll.

- If you use the Safari browser, you can do the following: open the web page with your songs. Then click on the "URL List" link, which will show the links for all songs. Then select and copy all links (Command-A, Command-C). Then open the Downloads window in Safari (Windows->Downloads menu option, or Command-Option-L). Then paste the links inside the Downloads window (Command-V). After a while, Safari should start downloading your songs.

- You can also use one of the several download managers available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The link "URL List", inside the web page generated by the app, generates a list of the web links for all songs, which you can use to copy and paste inside some download managers.

- Yet another way is to use a web site mirroring tool, which can recursively download all files, creating in your computer a directory structure like Songs/ARTIST/ALBUM/SONGNAME.mp3. For Mac, you can use CocoaWget, and for Windows, WinWGet.

4) How can I transfer the songs in my device to the iTunes library in my computer?

First download the songs to some folder in your computer. Then you can add them to iTunes in your computer by dragging them to the iTunes library, in the left pane inside the iTunes window.

5) Can I use Song Exporter Pro to transfer songs from one iPhone to another, or from an iPhone to an iPad?

Song Exporter Pro was designed mainly to allow you to transfer songs back to your computer. While it is possible to transfer songs directly between two iOS devices, it is not so straightforward, due to restrictions in iOS.

First, to download and save the songs on the other device, you would need a download manager app, since the mobile Safari browser in the iOS device does not allow you to download files (you can only play a song on the other device). There are several download manager apps on the app store, if you want to try.

Additionally, Apple does not allow third party apps to put new songs directly on the device music library, only to read them. So even if you saved the songs on the second device using a download manager app, it would be necessary to transfer them from that device to a music library in a computer, and sync it with iTunes to install the songs back to the music library in the device.

6) Can I use Song Exporter Pro to wirelessly put new songs into my device's music library?

No. Apple does not allow third party apps to put new songs into the device's music library, only to read them. To transfer new songs to your device you must use iTunes.

7) In what format does Song Exporter Pro export the songs? Does it re-encode the songs?

Song Exporter Pro does not re-encode songs. It will export them with exactly the same quality as they are in your device, with the same bit rate, etc., and in the same file format as the original. Songs purchased at the iTunes Music Store will be likely in the m4a/aac format, while songs from other sources will likely be in the mp3 format. Re-encoding the songs would slow down the operation considerably and also degrade song quality.

8) Does Song Exporter Pro operate in multitasking mode?

Currently it does not operate in multitasking mode. In order to transfer songs, the app must remain open and you should not lock your device. Multitasking support may be added in a future update. If/when it is added, the app interface will be updated to allow you to explicitly enable/disable sharing (currently, to stop sharing songs you can simply close the app).

9) Can Song Exporter Pro extract DRM-protected songs?

No. Apple has put a restriction in iOS that prevents third party apps from accessing DRM-protected songs. Fortunately, the iTunes Music Store has stopped using DRM protection a few years ago. Therefore even songs purchased at the app store will likely be free of DRM-protection. Songs from other sources should be free of any DRM protection as well.

10) Can Song Exporter Pro extract songs that are stored in Apple's iCloud?

Only if you first go to the Music app and download them to your device.

11) What is this web site the app is asking me to direct my web browser to?

The app is not trying to direct you to any obscure web site on the internet. The address it is presenting is simply the address of your own iPhone/iPod/iPad. The numbers that are presented are the internal IP address of your device within your local network. There is a small web server located inside the app, which runs on your device only when the app is active, which automatically generates a web page that allows you to use a web browser to download your songs to your computer, in the same way as you would from any web site. The address is only valid inside your local network, and must be accessed by a computer within the same local network.

12) I have tried to access the web address presented by the app, but my web browser couldn't find it, or the connection has timed out. What can I do?

- First make sure you have typed the address exactly as presented by the app, within the address bar/URL bar of your computer's web browser. Be sure to include the http:// part before the numeric IP address; otherwise some browsers may fail to recognize it as a valid address.

- Also, please make sure that the computer you are using to access your device is connected to the same local network as your device. It can be a notebook connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or a computer connected through a network cable to the same network router your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to wirelessly.

- Make sure the app is active and your device is not in the locked/standby mode.

- If it was the first time you tried to connect, after starting the app, please try to connect again after a few seconds. In some rare cases your device may not be fully ready to answer in the first attempt, but subsequent connections will work.

- You can also try to change the network port your device will be using to receive connections. In order to do it, you can enter the app Settings page, by tapping the button with a tool, and change the HTTP port to a different integer number. Note that the address presented by the app will change accordingly, with the port number added to the end; please make sure you type it exactly as presented by the app.

13) How can I make my device accessible to a computer located outside of my local network or on the internet?

You would need to change your network router configuration, to make it map an external IP address and port to the internal IP address and port of your device (usually in the NAT router settings). The outside computer would need to use the external IP address and port you defined in the router while trying to connect, instead of the one presented by the app. If you do it, it is recommended that you also set the app to require a username and password, to protect your device/songs from being accessed by anyone. In order to do it, you can enter the app Settings page by tapping the button with a tool, within the app.

14) Can I use Song Exporter Pro to transfer (or play) the songs from my iPhone/iPod/iPad to my PS3/XBOX/Wii?

It may work, but it was not tested. It should work with any modern web browser. It was tested on Windows, Mac and Linux systems with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

15) How can I use the playlist links? What is the difference between the two playlist versions?

The playlist links at the top of the web page allow you to download a playlist file in the m3u/m3u8 format, which is supported by media players like Windows Media Player, WinAmp, iTunes, VLC, RealPlayer and many others. To use it, you can download the playlist (right-click it and select a menu option like "Save Link As", or "Download Linked File"), and then open it in your media player in the same way as you would open a song file. Or, if your media player allows you to specify an URL address, you can directly enter the playlist URL, like, for instance:

After your media player opens your playlist, it should start playing your songs, in the sequence you added them within the app. The songs will be streamed directly from your device, before each one is played. The Unicode version of the playlist encodes the song names/artist names in the Unicode text format, therefore allowing non-western names to be properly displayed within your media player. However, some old media players support only the non-Unicode version.

16) My question was not answered here. What can I do?

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